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Creative Alliance For Youth In Arts

Who we are

The CAYA School of Music is the brainchild of Moleko Tladi who took on a challenging mission, to bring classical music training to children of Atteridgeville, South Africa. He established a school where students get tuition on all instruments, music theory and many opportunities for young musicians to grow and learn. Children attend lessons and group practice two days a week, three hours each day. Participation is voluntary and free for all students. In less than a year, more than xx children became regular participants. Already, improvements in school performance and achievement are being noted. In 2013 the students of CAYA entered an evaluation at the University of South Africa and earned distinctions.  Mr Tladi was latter joined by Mr. Emmanuel Netshinzereni and together they teach and manager the school.

The CAYA school of music is committed to teaching music as an artistic and academic discipline to the children of Atteridgeville; to promote performance, research and creative activities which add value to student experience; and to contributing innovative musical leadership in Atteridgeville and beyond.

Why Music

Music enhances child development, providing intellectual and emotional benefits that last a lifetime. Research shows just how powerful music can be in a child's life. Research shows that music lessons can pay off for decades, even for those who no longer play instruments.  Music keeps the mind sharp, serving as a challenging cognitive exercise. It also feeds the soul, develops character, and boosts creativity. Music doesn't discriminate between race, income, or social status.  It benefits children equally. There is a growing body of research that supports how music nurtures children's success at school and in life. A study in the journal Social Science Quarterly, Adolescents Involved with Music Do Better in School, found that music also had positive effects on reading and mathematics. Studies conducted by cognitive neuroscientists from seven leading U.S. universities, Learning, Arts, and the Brain correlates music training with improved cognition, motivation, attention, memory, and other developmental benefits. This research shows the importance of attention to every aspect of school performance and cognition


our Mission

Our mission is to teach music as an artistic and academic discipline to children; to promote performance, research and creative activities, which add value to children’s experience; and to contributing innovative musical leadership.

Our Team

Moleko tladi | Director

Mr. Moleko Tladi is the founder of CAYA school of Music.  Moleko was born in Atteridgeville Pretoria in 1957.  He is a full time teacher at Walton Jameson School and has dedicate all his spare time to CAYA.  Moleko is committed to  making sure that CAYA School of Music is sustainable and will survive him and Emmanuel Netshinzereni and thrive. 




emmanuel netshinzereni | executive director

Emmanuel “Fani”Netshinzereni is the Executive Director of the school, he is teaches various instruments at the school.  Fani is employed on a full time basis by one of the leading Banks in South Africa.  Most of his spare time is committed to CAYA.  Fani is motivated to work at CAYA because he was a beneficiary of a similar programme in his youth.